CDC Worst Case: Over A MILLION Dead Americans

Statistical models meant to project the potential reach of the coronavirus and the COVID-19 disease suggest more than a million Americans could die.

A model from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggested that 160 to 210 million Americans could contract the disease over a year. Based on mortality data and current hospital capacity, the number of deaths under the CDC’s scenarios ranged from 200,000 to as many as 1.7 million.  As many as 21 million people might need hospitalization, a daunting figure in a nation with just about 925,000 hospital beds.

Globally, the numbers are even more staggering. Five researchers at Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health estimated 20% to 60T of everyone on earth, between 1.4 billion and 4.2 billion people could contract the disease.

If the virus only kills 1 percent of those who contract it, somewhere between 14 million and 42 million people are at risk. In countries like Iran and Italy, where health systems are overrun, the mortality rate can be much higher.

“Modeling is to inform planning so that the worst-case scenarios are much less likely to occur,” he said in an email. “The range of estimates is huge. We need much more information, fast, to understand how to limit the harms.”

Governments across the world have taken a range of actions meant to hew closer to best-case outcomes, ranging from China’s harsh crackdowns and enforced quarantines to South Korea’s vast army of testers who screen motorists at drive-through stations.

In the United States, where the federal government has been slower to act, state governments have moved to squelch outbreaks in their backyards.

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  1. I suspect C-19 is a biological viral weapon assembled in Wugan China now used to destroy freedom protesters in Hong Kong. It worked too well. Oops !

  2. We are all going to DIE ! God has had enough of the Do Nothing Democrats ! God Voted for TRUMP and he is in control of everything we do , To Vote Democrat is against God’s Will and you will die , ok so just Vote TRUMP and you will live. TRUMP 20/20

  3. That is FAKE News….the federal government has NOT been slow to act. President Trump started on January 31 to close flights from China. And he got called xenophobic for that action. Stop lying to the American people!!!

  4. CDC worst case over a million dead. That’s another lie they want us to believe. The (2) Cruise ships that were loaded with passengers and kept at sea for a quarantine has survived and hasn’t die. An 87 years man who was in the rest home in Washington State has since recovered and didn’t die. Now it is also known that some 80,000 who tested positive for the virus no longer has the virus. This whole thing is another attempt to make the President look bad and to bring down the economy that he brags about. Trump 2020!

  5. I do believe that it is a result of bio-chemical weapon testing being done by China. However, the CDC and WHO are fearmongers. They inflate numbers hoping to create panic and crash our economic system. Precautions and common sense are necessary, but these people should be arrested!

  6. The US Federal Government was not “slow to act”. In fact, President Trump was criticized as `overreacting ‘ when he took early decisive measures.


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