China Puts Taiwan and the World at Risk to Coronavirus

China was the epicenter for COVID-19 the current strain of coronavirus wreaking havoc on the world.

The failure to adequately handle the problem has put Taiwan and the rest of the world at risk.

According to David A. Keene in The Washington Times:

Nowhere are the potential risks of putting politics above all else more acute than in dealing with the various flu-like pandemics that have a tendency to emerge first in China and then spread to surrounding countries and the rest of the world.

Perhaps the best example of China’s willingness to ignore any risk to promote its political agenda can be seen in Beijing’s continuing opposition to Taiwan’s membership in the World Health Organization or WHO. The Chinese Communists do everything they can to isolate the Republic of China on Taiwan from the rest of the world, insisting that Taiwan is a part of China and that other countries should not recognize the Taipei government.

China continues to lack transparency as it fights to exclude Taiwan and claim it as its own. Over a million Chinese are stranded in China and not getting the care they need from the powerful government. As Keene continues:

The world had mostly forgotten China’s lack of transparency and willingness to fully cooperate with the effort to defeat the SARS epidemic, but if the current coronavirus proves itself as dangerous as some suspect, no one is likely to forget or forgive a nation that doesn’t put politics aside to save lives.

SARS was a coronavirus, too, but a seemingly weaker cousin of the current virus. Minimizing its impact will require a politics-free international response and if China wants to be remembered as part of that response Beijing should let the world know that to that end it will no longer object to Taiwan’s membership in the WHO regardless of two nations’ continuing political differences — and if it won’t, the rest of the world should ignore China’s objections.

China will stop at nothing to make sure that Taiwan isn’t remotely recognized as a sovereign state and the ease at which they subject Taiwan and the rest of the world to disease is more evidence of that.

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  1. Going off shore with our medical ingredients saved money in the beginning, but now we face a real crisis. China may shut down many of their supply plants endangering the flow of medical ingredients which we use to manufacture much of our medicines. The idiots who supported that move have endangered our country. We depend on many foreign countries for supplies. We do not have our own secure supply line. Rubio on Fox News pointed this out recently.

    • Mainland china, the wolds largest prison, sewer, toilet and all around SHIT PIT. Time for the USA to divest all business interests in china and bring the jobs these no good for the world much less the USA subhuman bastard have stolen over the years. Remove them from most favored trading partner and end all concessions to these thieving bastards who can’t be trusted for anything.The chinese are not our friends, never were our friends and never, ever will be friends of the USA and world peace and freedom. Once caught, chinese spies here in the USA need to be arrested and shot, immediately and not given some slap on the wrist where they go back to china and report their findings. No more chinese here on work visas in tech jobs where they steal the technology and report back to china. How stupid are the American companies that bring in these worthless thieving and lying good for nothing bastards. and any company that does this, needs to be shut down, immediately. The communists are not our friends and the sooner people here realize it the better. Does anyone realize that since the beginning of time most if not all of the worlds pandemics have began in this petri dish and SHIT HOLE?: bubonic plague, that killed millions from Roman times all through the 15th century, SARS, H1 N1, avian flu and now covid 19 and corona virus.. And who in their right mind buys drugs from these disgusting cretins? Drug companies need to manufacture their drugs here in the USA, or failing that Canada or Western Europe to assure quality and not basic poison that’s so endemic of anything made in china. BTW: corona virus is biological warfare that escaped the lab and anyone who believes different have their heads up their asses or live on Pluto or need to go back to school.

  2. Why don’t we throw China out of WHO, and let Taiwan in. It is obvious the Chinese don’t care about anything but growing power and influence. Time to treat them like they need to be treated, isolate them like North Korea and Iran.

    • it was a bad move to replace taiwan with china on the security counsel. with the ignorant pretense the chinese communists would act responsibly.

      the hand writing was even more on the wall when russia turned hostile again and quit selling rocket boosters to the u.s… after we gave up on u.s. companies that made them. causing a mad rush to restart their production again.

      nothing worse than allowing an enemy to cozy up to us to rip off our infrastructure, research, designs, and businesses. china and russia would never of caught up to us without us having a stupid government. kind of destroys the idea of keeping your friends close and your enemies closer.

      china, russia and north korea don’t scream death to america out loud. but i am certain they are in reality thinking it. not to mention all the has been allies we only used to have.

  3. I believe this is a love by China for world domination. This might be a trial to see how their bio weapons actually work!

  4. hmmmm….problem. Hong Kong?
    How do we get it back under Communist control while every cell phone is watching? 7.4 million people fighting to remain free? Strength, international interest growing in their struggle for liberty? Geez….the Americans are about to side with them!!
    Can’t starve them, nuc them or murder them…? At least not openedly all at once??
    Any ideas anyone???
    Bingo!! Corona virus is working!!

  5. “no one is likely to forget or forgive a nation that doesn’t put politics aside to save lives.” And yet we see the leftists/Progressives/Democrats in the United States attempting to use this to their political advantage, condemning any and all of Trump’s measures to protect our country and trying, yet again, to open up our borders for more invaders to flow in, unchecked and certainly untested for this virus!!

  6. China is waging a war of Attrition there’s over a billion plus population which they feel they can win at the expense of the world? That is way they have been reluctant to inform the truth about the real danger and why they are unwilling to disclose their contempt for the world.

  7. the chinese are very patient. VERY. They have had their plan in the works since mao dze dong.Promise the world, steal all intellectual properties they can, get the rest for free by floating great deals in front of the “round eyes”, and steal everything they bring. Fabricate everything in china, with a 52% ownership of all businesses. And send all the bright children to school in the US, and the best schools in Europe: Sorbonne, Eaton, Oxford, Berlin, etc. Then use the kids families as hostages to force the kids to spy on the businesses in the countries that have not brought their factories in china. Then, all the communication devices will do the spying for china, unbeknwnst to the owners of the devices. china wants to overtake the world. And they are PATIENT. BEWARE. BE AWARE. FIGHT BACK DAMNIT.


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