Criminals try to Defraud Families Worried About Coronavirus Pandemic

The World Health Organization (WHO) warned that scammers are trying to defraud Americans who are trying to protect their families from the coronavirus global pandemic.

The scam sites and fraudulent emails seek financial information, gift cards and cash in exchange for phony, often useless equipment and promises of miracle cures.

If you receive an email, supposedly from WHO, Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) or any other international or U.S. Government agency, please be aware that:

  1. Likelihood of receiving an unsolicited email from WHO, CDC or any government entity is near zero;
  2. All legitimate emails from these entities are from, or sending this email and identify the sender;
  3. You should never be asked to log-in or provide any financial information to get information;
  4. You should never be asked to go to any site outside of the one sending the email;
  5. Don’t open attachments, there are never attachments to a legitimate email.

There is zero likelihood that a “miracle cure” is only known/available to the sender.  The only and best means to protect you and your loved ones is staying informed and acting on verifiable, up to date information to prevent infection.

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