Demand that CPAC Release the name of CPAC Coronavirus Patient Zero

Recently, thousands of attendees of the 2020 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) received an email from the conference organizer informing them that an attendee was carrying the lethal Coronavirus.

Unfortunately the American Conservative Union (the organizer of CPAC) has not released the name of the infected individual, a person who may turn out to be the “patient zero” of Coronavirus in the conservative movement. This decision endangers conservative leaders, including President Trump, Vice President Pence, and potentially hundreds of other senior officials.

Sign the Petition – Demand that CPAC, Immediately Release the name of CPAC Coronavirus Patient Zero to all attendees.

See the letter below:

RE: Disclose the Identity of CPAC Coronavirus Patient Zero

Dear, Chairman Schlapp

The news that an attendee at the 2020 Conservative Political Action Conference has tested positive for the Coronavirus has filled other attendees, and people concerned about the health of conservative political leaders who attended the event with trepidation over exposure to this deadly pathogen.

While the American Conservative Union’s decision to promptly inform the public about the infection was admirable, many of us are still extremely concerned as the infected attendee’s identity is being kept secret.

Under normal circumstances, protecting an individual’s privacy is vital, but given the nature of this public health risk – and the impact a mass-infection of conservative thought-leaders would have on the political landscape, I urge you to release the name of the CPAC Patient Zero.

Without knowing the identity of the infected individual it is impossible for attendees, especially those who may have compromised immune systems, to assess their own personal risk – and take appropriate measures or self-quarantine. As the virus’s incubation period is reportedly up to 14 days before symptoms show, such information could be critical and potentially life-saving.

I respectfully request that the American Conservative Union release the name of the infected individual to all CPAC attendees so they can take the appropriate action necessary to safeguard public health.

In Liberty,



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