Explosive Growth of Infections Makes NY Second Most Impacted State

The state of New York has more than 170 cases and is the 2nd most impacted state in the U.S. next to Washington state, most of the cases are in Westchester County.  National Guard has been called out and prisoners employed making disinfectant.

The number of novel coronavirus cases in the tri-state (NY, NJ, CT) area nearly quadrupled between Friday and Tuesday, from 49 cases to 190.  New Jersey has reported its first death.

New Jersey and New York declared states of emergencies.  New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the most rigorous actions to date to combat the spread in New Rochelle, which he described as the “most significant cluster in the country” and accounts for the lion’s share of the surging caseload in the tri-state area.

NY Governor called out National Guard troops to a Health Department command post and setting up a satellite testing facility and one-mile, two-week containment area in the city. Public schools in that containment zone will be closed through March 25; National Guard troops will help clean surfaces and deliver food in that one-mile radius.

New York State announced that it is making its own disinfectant packaged by prisoners.  New York City suggested that people avoid mass transit and telecommute if possible. Starting Tuesday night, the United Nations closes to the general public and suspends tours until further notice.

Read More:  https://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/nyc-adds-5-new-covid-19-cases-tri-state-total-more-than-triples-in-days/2319688/

Image Credit: user:AngMoKio / CC BY-SA (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.5)


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