FDA Authorizes Test That Could Speed Screening

The Food and Drug Administration has authorized a test that could lead to faster screening for coronavirus infection.

According to Fox News:

The Food and Drug Administration has issued emergency authorization for a new coronavirus test that will speed up screening for the deadly bug by tenfold, the Swiss diagnostics maker Roche said Friday.

The new tests can provide results in 3.5 hours and can produce up to 4,128 results each day — a boost to tests the manufacturer has offered until now, the company said.

“We are increasing the speed definitely by a factor of 10,” Thomas Schinecker, head of the drugmaker’s diagnostics unit, told Bloomberg.

The “emergency use authorization” provided by the FDA clears the tests to be deployed in the U.S. and markets accepting the CE marking, which shows they conform to European standards.

The company producing the test said that it is pushing its production capacity to provide as many tests as possible.


  1. Either this is a case of common sense or we are not being told the truth. All the symptoms & facts that are being disseminated are so much like common virus’s aka common cold, flu, even pneumonia. They all are simply contained using common sense. All this self quarantining is ridiculous. Unless your immune system is compromised the basic remedy is common sense. Unfortunately that is greatly LACKING. IF we are being told the TRUTH and that is the biggest question????

  2. The chinese have been working on this bug for many years.
    It is a weapon.
    Soon the chinese will come out with a vaccine and everybody will acclaim the chinese.
    The DEMON-RATS in the US have been working WITH the chinese, just as they were working WITH THE RUSSIANS to elect the “clunt”.
    Let’s NEVER forget the TRUTH of the matter.

  3. Panic buy of all Toilet Paper lol another proof Democrats are domestics terrorist. This is happening across the US total Un American, this is how illegals help them. This virus is part of their game they are evil classless people. Americans will always win no matter what they throw on us. God is with us always.


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