How the White House Protects Trump and the First Family From Coronavirus

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As the coronavirus spreads, one study is now predicting 15 million dead worldwide and a $2.4 trillion hit to the global GDP.

While this one prediction is less severe than the 1918 influenza pandemic which may have killed upwards of 100 million when our species’ population had barely surpassed one-and-a-half billion, it is still unprecedented in almost all of our lifetimes.

Here is how the White House is keeping the president, his family, and its staff safe.

Per the New York Post:

In response to the outbreak of COVID-19, the White House has mandated that guests disclose all countries visited in the past 30 days. And further steps are under review by a group led by Tony Ornato, White House deputy chief of staff for operations.

The biggest visible change in the West Wing has been the installation of hand sanitizer stations. But the senior official said temperature checks and ending public tours are possible if the crisis worsens — though neither is imminent.

A different official said that on Feb. 21, the Secret Service began requiring non-pass-holding visitors to the White House complex to submit a list of countries visited in the past 30 days.

The Secret Service and the White House Medical Unit review the information and follow up with people who have visited countries with coronavirus outbreaks.

The so-called Ornato task force is continuing to monitor the situation as it develops.

Personally Thank President Trump Today


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