Louisiana Becomes First State to Postpone Primary

The state of Louisiana has become the first state to postpone their primary over the coronavirus outbreak.

According to CNBC:

Louisiana has postponed its presidential primaries set for next month, becoming the first state to take the step as fears about the coronavirus outbreak spread.

The state will push back its nominating contests to June 20 and July 25, a spokesman for the Louisiana secretary of state told CNBC on Friday.

As the global pandemic upends American life, it has also ground pivotal 2020 presidential campaign operations to a near halt. Former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders, the leading Democratic candidates to take on President Donald Trump in November, have temporarily stopped large, in-person campaign events to curb the coronavirus disease’s transmission.

This follows numerous sports leagues canceling or postponing seasons over the outbreak.


  1. This is NOT panic, this is sheeple being lead to slaughter by the NWO! They saw that America couldn’t be destroyed by supporting socialist so they unleashed a virus that they have been cultivating for years! When our economy became the strongest in the world, thanks to Trump, they knew it was time to strike! People are being played for fools! The NWO wants nothing more than to see panic and the shutdown of America and that is exactly what is going on!

  2. This so-called pandemic is a media driven panic. I don’t believe Corona is any worse than the flu. The demorats are willing to wreck our economy if it could lead to a Trump defeat.


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