Real-Time Map Shows Coronavirus Spread and New Infection Data

The Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University is tracking the spread of the disease worldwide in close to real-time.

The map updates several times an hour and includes a zoomable image pinpointing every confirmed case in the world to the county level.

The map is based on data reported by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, city and state-level authorities, the World Health Organization and other governmental health agencies around the world.

Johns Hopkins’s study found that the median incubation period of COVID-19 from exposure to the onset of symptoms is 5.1 days, researchers say.  This means that the recommended 14-day quarantine period is a reasonable amount of time to monitor individuals for the development of the disease

The Johns Hopkins analysis shows that 97.5% of those infected will develop symptoms within 11.5 days of exposure.  That means that only 1% will develop symptoms after release from a 14-day quarantine.

See the map:  The Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases map

Read More about Quarantine Study:

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  1. Has the whole world gone nuts? In the USA we have only had 30-40 deaths as of right now and those were elderly, compromised persons. For goodness sake we have more than 20,000 die annually each year from the flu! Also, if the damned media would just shut up about it, our economy would recover! Use some common sense everyone!

    • Could not have said it better, I am 76 years of age with COPD and hart problems so I stay home and away from others. Because of my circumstance I have for years kept my home stocked with at least two weeks food and goods, a stand by generator a cell phone. Take care of your self.

    • The left wing media is doing all it can to scare the hell out of people, hopefully to thwart President Trump’s reelection!

  2. If only 1% develop symptoms after they are released from quarantine then do you not think that you should extend the quarantine longer.if you get this thing under control and you release that 1% that shows symptoms later is just going to infect people all over again

  3. The media is controlled by DemonRATS.
    This is nothing short of an attempt to
    remove President Trump. Perhaps voters will
    see this and finally realize that the media
    along with the DemonRATS are vile..corrupt..
    and violent.
    Every American regardless of race or color
    needs to join hands to vote every DemonRAT
    and RINO out of office.

  4. I agree. This is not the end of the world. The media needs to act responsibly but because Trump is President they won’t. So, they act like this is the worst thing to happen.


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