Small Businesses Face Coronavirus Challenges

Restaurants, travel agencies, event and conference coordinators, elder care facilities all face startling new challenges as the coronavirus global pandemic sweeps America.

Fears over the growing global coronavirus outbreak sparked widespread economic worries and small business owners have felt the impact of canceled travel reservations, scrapped conferences, closed factories, and jittery consumers.

“We have had a cancellation rate of more than 60 percent for our tours already this month, and we expect that to get worse,” founder Matthew Meier said last week. “We are going to try to ride it out and keep all of our employees, however, the longer this (outbreak) continues the harder that will be.”

Judd Builders, a custom home builder and remodeler in Asheville, NC, had clients halt preparations for major renovation projects after watching Wall Street declines last week.

“In the past couple of days, we’ve had clients that were in the beginning planning stages of large scale home remodel projects… put a stop to the projects, citing the volatility in the stock market caused by a coronavirus.”, a Redwood City, Calif., company that sells office headsets, has seen most of the factories it sources from close amid the coronavirus outbreak, owner Yungi Chu said.  “They are not even answering the phones when I call. Nothing is shipping, nobody is working.”

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