The EPA’s List of Disinfectants Approved to Kill Covid-19

Clorox Multi-Surface Cleaner + Bleach



  1. Have you ever tried to help someone financially ~ only to have to do it again? Have you ever given your time, energy and maybe even sleepless nights, to buoy someone onward and upward in this life, only to find them back where they were? Why is that? It reminds me of what socialism is and does, to a person, a society, and a country! As Jesus said, ‘the poor you’ll have .. always’! But who is it that helps the poor? It is those that have a giving heart, whether they have money or not! Socialism removes the incentive to work, to give, to create, and to better oneself and others. America is a Republic ~ and it works as long as the people have a unified desire to work to keep it that way. If the people become self absorbed, individualistic, dissatisfied in the way God created them or gifted them, and thinks only of what they can get for themselves, it will not work. Rather, self-centered people flock towards socialism because of what they can ‘get’ for free. That mindset trickles down to their children (if they even want children!!). But who is it that will ‘give’ them everything for free? It is those who wish to control them ~ the government ~ the rich ~ those who do not care for them personally. They only ‘say’ they care, because they want to control them. Our Creator God did not intend for his creation to glorify themselves, or money. He created them to bring Him Glory ~ because God alone makes rich, or brings to poverty, to show himself strong, among the nations. Our allegiance is to God, not to government. Socialism is a slap in the face of God. We look to God for our sustenance ~ not to man. America was founded by those who feared God. If America turns to socialism ~ communism is around the corner. This is the fate of all who turn their back against their Creator.


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