The MOST Dangerous Coronavirus Jobs

1. Medical Professionals

Medical professionals like family and general practitioners, nurses, therapists, and several other specializations top the list of jobs most exposed to the coronavirus.  Medical professionals also work in very close proximity to other people, increasing exposure risk.  Los Angeles Times reported that over 3,000 Chinese medical professionals were infected, and several have died.

2. First responders.

Firefighters, emergency medical technicians, and ambulance drivers are on the front lines of medical emergencies.  Like medical professionals, first responders have a very high risk of exposure to disease and infections and work in very close proximity to those who may be infected.

3. Police and corrections officers.

Police officers are called out to deal with emergencies and work in very close proximity to others.  Corrections officers’ risks are increased by the very close conditions in which they may have to work with those who may be infected.

4. Retail, Food Service And Delivery Persons

The people who make and serve food, deliver goods, and keep retail stores open, face serious impacts from a coronavirus outbreak.  Most are hourly employees without paid medical leave and with continuous contact with the public and may find it very difficult to afford to self-quarantine and lose their income.

5. Airline personnel

Airplanes are enclosed spaces with tightly packed people, some from infected regions.  Flight attendants and pilots work in very close proximity to other people.  Such a workplace contributes to spreading the coronavirus.  Several Japanese, Korean, Chinese and US personnel have been reported as infected.

6. Hotel and Hospitality Workers

These jobs may provide a perfect storm for infection risk.  Not only does the work involve close proximity with others.  Many of those who have chosen to or have been required to self-quarantine will do so in hotels where they will have inevitable contact with hotel employees.

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  1. What a lame article lol As if these people are being force to do it. Americans have freedom to choose their own career. Another reason why many companies want and hire illegal aliens so that they do not have to worry about safety.


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