Trump Campaign Cancels Bus Tour Amid Coronavirus Fears

The Trump campaign has reportedly called off a bus tour amid fears of the coronavirus.

According to Fox News:

President Trump‘s campaign canceled a three-day “Women for Trump” bus tour Monday that was slated to visit key battleground states, citing scheduling conflicts. The campaign pushed back against reports that the move was made over concerns about the coronavirus outbreak.

The tour was supposed to host events in Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania with Lara Trump, the wife of Eric Trump; Kayleigh McEnany, a campaign spokeswoman; and Mercedes Schlapp, a former White House adviser whose husband oversees the Conservative Political Action Conference.

Erin Perinne, a campaign spokeswoman, cited scheduling conflicts for the cancellation, but two people familiar with the move told the New York Times that Schlapp pushed to postpone the tour after someone who attended CPAC tested positive for the virus.

The conference was held from Feb. 26-29 at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center in Fort Washington, Md. Schlapp’s husband had interacted with the person infected during the event.

It remains unclear if more drastic measures will be taken.


  1. For goodness sake, let the truth get out that ionic / colloidal silver kills infections from the corona family of viruses very quickly. All you need is the silver and a nebulizer. Let’s stop this panic already!

  2. Every Person in these United States should Pray to God that He will please stop this Virus & also Heal all who have it. We need God in this & in every persons life today & always. God is in control of all things, but it is definitely a very serious Virus that can kill some people if not all who get it. Everyone in all the Countries should be praying too. Also If any who read this message will give their heart to God if they never have. Please ask Jesus to come into your heart now, & ask him to forgive you of all your sins. Friends it is time to do this if you have never accepted Jesus as your Savior. Jesus died on the Cross for all our Sins that we may have eternal life with Him if we do. I long for the day I will see Him face to face in Heaven & I can bow at His feet & praise Him. Please, I ask all to pray that this Virus can be stopped & all to be healed. I pray this in Jesus Precious Name, AMEN!!!

  3. This hysteria is part of the Democrats plan to stop everything including Trump rallies:( This is so ridiculous for a virus. People get sick All the time. At least 100 students were absent due to the flu. Since the President has given us an awesome economy, the Dems had to find a way to stop President Trump! We are not fooled. Wonder how many fake positives ate bring reported of Corona Virus. Praying that you never stop tour rallies President Trump. Don’t let fear take over! We are not afraid . Trump 2020


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