Two GOP Congressman Shake Trump’s Hand Before Self-Quarantine

Two GOP Congressmen had contact with President Trump before announcing they will put themselves in self-quarantine over fears of contracting the coronavirus.

According to CNBC:

President Donald Trump had contact with two Republican congressmen before their announcements Monday that they were entering self-quarantine after learning they had been previously exposed to someone since diagnosed with coronavirus.

Rep. Doug Collins of Georgia shook hands with Trump last Friday when the president traveled to Atlanta to visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, where officials there briefed him on their response to coronavirus.

Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida flew on Air Force One with Trump on Monday on a flight from Orlando, Fla., to Joint Base Andrews in Maryland.

The New York Times, citing two people with knowledge of the situation, reported that Gaetz learned shortly after the plane was airborne that he, like Collins, had been in contact with a person at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Maryland in late February who since has been diagnosed with coronavirus. Gaetz then sat in a section of the plane by himself, the newspaper reported.

Gaetz could be seen at Andrew’s Air Force base refusing to make contact with a subject who was approaching him.


  1. Everyone is just going to have to quit shaking hands and best to not travel and go anywhere. You do not know who you may have come in contact with that may have the virus but not showing any signs of it. Any traveling should be out. Any rallies should be out because people or too confined and too many. So what if Trump and Pence come down with this virus and cannot run the country, guess who we are stuck with. piglosi. Lord help us and please keep Trump and Pence safe. Can you imagine how much damage Pilosi can do in such a little time a couple of weeks or so? We would be doomed.


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