Who Pays for Your Quarantine?

Quarantined or Self-Quarantine in the US

It all depends on where and how a quarantine happens:  10 states, District of Columbia, some cities and counties have laws requiring some paid sick leave.  They do not guarantee payment of medical expenses and bills, other than the cost of the test itself.

Starbucks and other companies promised employees “catastrophe” pay to cover quarantine.  There are currently no laws that would require your employer to pay a salary for the full 14 days or longer quarantine or self-quarantine stay.

Congress is pushing for legislation that would provide paid leave for those who are not being compensated while out of work because of sickness, quarantine or family needs resulting from the coronavirus outbreak.  A vote was expected as soon as today.



  1. Starbucks hires mostly illegal aliens so of course they pay them. No employer has to pay you it is up to each employer its what freedom means you get to decide how to treat your employees as you get to decide where you like to work.


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